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This document comprises a number of sections, covering all our policies and containing any information deemed relevant by us. End users should find the sections most applicable to them at the beginning of the list, whilst potential contributors or those who wish to link to or from the site may find what they are looking for toward the end of this document. Please note, however, that use of this site and/or any of its resources, downloads or other assets, is subject to your having read and accepted these terms.

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This analysis has been devised to assist decision-making, not to make the decisions; that’s the job of management. Consequently and any of its associated companies, links, organisations or Associates cannot be held in any way responsible for any losses or consequential losses which might arise as a result of any decisions being made which are based on the various analyses, outputs or publications from

User agreement.

The term ‘you’ or ‘the user’ refers to the user of, or visitor to, this site; ‘we’ or refers to those owning, or involved with the development, maintenance and management of the website.

By using the site, you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use this site.

1. The user shall not make, or attempt to make, unauthorised access to the site or areas of the site they are not entitled to visit.

2. The user shall not attempt to interfere with, impede or attempt to modify in any way the site, or any areas of the site.

3. The user shall keep any passwords, access codes and other information specific to that user completely confidential.

4. Whilst we encourage the user to experiment with data entry and to explore the site, this does not extend to deliberately loading the site with repeated requests without proper purpose [e.g. reverse engineering of the site].

5. Attempts to access unauthorised areas, modify, duplicate or copy any aspects or elements of this site shall result in the user being barred from the site without any prior notice; and may result in legal action being taken against that user.

You shall not copy, modify, distribute or in anyway exploit copyrighted or proprietary materials available in this site, except as expressly permitted by us.

6. The system is designed to provide information and analyses to help businesses make better decisions - it is designed more to provide questions than to give answers. The information, analyses and publications provided are not a substitute for management decisions, and hence cannot be held responsible or accountable for any losses, consequential losses or damage that might arise as a result of any actions taken by the user based on the information, analyses or publications provided by

7. reserves the right to close the server from time to time for maintenance and enhancements to the system; this will be announced on the home page. During this time the user may not have access to specific areas; this will not entitle the user to any refund unless the period of denied access (other than from the user being barred from the site - point 5) is more than five days in any one calendar month.

8. Should a user have difficulties using this site, they should contact us by e-mail and we will do everything within our capabilities to rectify the situation.

9. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all activities involving this site and any links with this site are legal, and are totally of their own responsibility.

Use of any software available for downloading from the site is governed by the terms of any license agreement accompanying the software, and your responsibility to comply with such license or licenses.

10. would like to emphasise that it has no control or influence whatsoever over the design or content of any linked sites or pages. Therefore we explicitly distance ourselves from the contents of all linked sites or pages from anywhere within the website, or its associated server(s). Although the content of any externally referenced sites or pages were deemed to be useful or relevant at the time any such links were created, we cannot be held responsible for any such content, which is outside our control.

Any reference to a linked site or third party by name does not constitute or imply its endorsement by us, and you assume all risk with respect to its use.

All trademarks, service marks and trade names in this site are the marks of the respective owner(s), and any unauthorised use is prohibited.

Under no circumstances shall we, our associates, agents and suppliers be liable for any damages, or consequential damages, arising out of the use or inability to use the materials in this site or any linked site, even if we are advised of the possibility thereof, nor for any claim by a third party.

11. is not liable for any damage caused by files downloaded and/or installed from its website or its Internet server or any associates systems. Whilst everything is checked before uploading for viruses, worms, Trojans etc. we cannot guarantee that everything is totally free from viruses, worms, Trojans etc. It is the responsibility of users to maintain their own system integrity; and, its associated companies, links, organisations or Associates cannot be held responsible for any infections that might arise on a user's system as a result of visiting You assume the entire cost of any necessary service, repair, replacement or correction which might arise as a result of such infection.

12. is not responsible for any decrease or lack of service due to circumstances outside its control. Such circumstances might, non-exhaustively, include amongst others: power failure, strikes, lock-outs, other providers' service failures or official decrees.

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold us and our associates harmless from any claims, losses, damages, expenses or other penalty arising from your use of the site.

June 2004

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Payment and Refund Policy

Invoicing will be at the end of the month in which the transaction occurs; payment to be in pound sterling at 30 days; late payment will result in your account being frozen until full payment is received.

To effect a refund we require copies or reference numbers of all your receipts for usage to reconcile against our own records; also details of your user name and passcode which we retain on our database.

All refunds shall be net of administration and other costs. Whilst these costs are variable you should be aware that they will include checking and managing the audit trail to verify any claims. We will also deduct any associated tariffs, commissions, management costs and credits incurred in managing your account.

On reconciling your claim we will contact you directly for payment details; cheques will be issued at the end of the month following the full and complete reconciliation.

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Seminars and events


It is our intention that you will benefit significantly from your time and involvement with us; we take care to select presenters and venues appropriate to your needs and to ensure material is current and that sessions are normally interactive.

Arrangements and Terms of Booking

Seminars and events will normally include refreshments, tuition and course materials; lunch will be provided where appropriate.

Our booking procedures are straightforward and our administration personnel will be happy to answer any questions prior to your arrival or during your stay.

Bookings will be accepted by cheque or credit card only; they should be made 28 days before the start date of the course and can be made by telephone, fax, post or email. They will be regarded as confirmed at the time of acceptance of credit card payment, or clearance of the cheque.

Late bookings are possible and written confirmation will be requested. However, you are strongly advised to contact us by telephone to check availability.


Failure to attend or a cancellation less than two weeks before the course date without prior written notification will be subject to a 100% cancellation charge.

Customers may, however, substitute the original delegate with another person of equal standing from within their organisation at no extra charge. We will require written notification of this eventuality, and appropriate details of the substitute.

Any late bookings, first confirmed within 4 weeks of the course date will be subject to normal cancellation and transfer terms and conditions.


All fees must be paid in full no later than 28 days prior to the start of the seminar or event. We reserve the right to re-allocate the course place to another delegate if fees are not paid prior to the date of attendance on the course.

Forms of payment

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Delta, JCB, American Express and Diners Club
Please make cheques payable to:

A receipted VAT invoice will be sent direct to an applicant's company accounts department.

Please forward postal payments to:
     Ascot Associates Ltd
     PO Box 1411
     SL2 5FS

Telephone and faxed Bookings may be made on: +44 (0) 1753 554 656
Email Bookings:

Joining details

Your course joining instructions will be sent to your nominated address and marked for your attention. If an alternative address is to be used, please state this clearly on the booking form.

If you have any concerns about your journey to the venue please contact us prior to commencing your journey. If necessary, a location map will be sent with your joining instructions.

Normally we can accommodate any dietary, disability and religious requirements. Simply state your requirements at the time of booking and we will make all the necessary preparations prior to your arrival.

We reserve the right to alter published prices. Such changes will be advised at the time of booking. We also reserve the right to amend or cancel any course times and dates. Tuition is in English. Delegates must have oral and written competence.

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Use of cookies

It is essential that cookies are enabled on your browser before you attempt to use this site. We use cookies to manage the flow of data as you traverse the site, as well as to identify returning visitors (for example, cookies are fundamental to the site login system), personal workspace, poll and discussion facility features.

We do not accept any liability for your loss of data normally managed within a cookie. Currently, cookies contain: data you have input; your user identity; your user login authorisation; your screen resolution (used for deciding page layout, where pages are modified for correct display at lower resolutions); your chosen settings regarding the display of built-in help in the site. Becoming a registered user safeguards your data by transferring it to our servers - however, cookies must remain enabled on your browser for the site to work.

Cookie data is in not shared with any third parties.

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Our Third Party Hyperlink Policy

The following policy covers all web sites owned and developed by us.

External hyperlinks need to be approved by us before acceptance into the site; however, their content is outside our control and you should refer to our ‘Terms of use’ before accessing linked sites.

Logo Links

On some occasions a logo hyperlink will be accepted; again this will need to be approved by us. If the logo is used on the site, we must have third party written permission as protection against copyright infringement and other intellectual protection. Permission must be in a written letter including mechanical details of the logo itself and any associated device.

Denied Links

No links will be given to sites that include or promote the following:
• Pornography
• Terrorism
• Racism
• Political views
• Any criminal activity
• Direct Competitors
• Or any other material which we deem offensive or unsuitable.

We will portray a neutral stance on any views; hence no form of alliance will be portrayed on any of the sites under our control. Any information collected will be used for our reference and not made available elsewhere. Please see the notes under ‘Data Protection’

Hyperlink Disclaimer Notice - all third parties will need to be made aware of the following:

Hyperlinks are given for information purposes only - there is no inferred recommendation to any associates sites, individuals or companies. We do not take any responsibility for the quality of service these organisations provide.

We reserve the right to remove any hyperlinks at any time without prior consultation with third parties.

June 2004

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Trust and Privacy Statement


The term ‘you’ or ‘the user’ refers to the user of, or visitor to, this site; ‘we’ or refers to those owning, or involved with the development, maintenance and management of the website.


This statement defines how we collect, use, maintain and disclose information from all users of and visitors to the website.


We comply with all the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 as enacted in the UK, Registration Number PZ7879547. The key requirements are that:
- Data is obtained fairly and lawfully
- Data is only held for specific and legal purposes and not processed in any matter incompatible with those purposes
- Data is relevant, adequate and not excessive for those purposes
- Data is accurate and where necessary kept up to date
- Data is kept for no longer than necessary


By completing any detailed on-line registry you give your consent to the collection and use of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy each time you use this website.

Collection of Data

We are committed to respecting the personal data you supply to us. The information we collect will be relevant to the purposes for which they are to be used, and we will do our utmost to ensure that such data will be accurate, complete and kept up to date. Whenever personal data is obtained from you, you will have access to information as to how that data will be used.

Storage of data

We retain e-mail address and times of usage for internal monitoring; this information is not available to anyone other than the owners of the website.
For users who are registered with us we retain all log-on details and passwords to facilitate their continued usage of the system.
All activities that users conduct through the website are considered private and not recorded in a personally identifiable way with the one exception of the bulletin board where personal details will be posted if we are requested to do so.
Selected data is used for statistical purposes and as a means to help us improve our services as well as the management and upkeep of the website.

Your rights as a website user

If any user wishes to be appraised of the information held about them this will be made available on request; any inaccurate or misleading data will be either removed or corrected, whichever is the more appropriate.

Residence of the data

All data is retained in secure files within the geographic boundaries of the UK, and will not be provided or managed outside this geographic limit.

Usage of data

The data is maintained by us to support a number of logistical activities which include: authentication of user identity during the login process; knowledge of users’ details to support making user account deductions for products and services; accepting payment from users securely to accounts which have been set up on our behalf.

Access to personal information

Registered users may amend or remove ancillary details by logging-on through the web-based settings page; we reserve the right not to change any personal information unless requested in writing that this be done.
All reasonable requests will be met as soon as possible, and in any case within 25 working days of the particular request.
We will not respond to repetitive or vexatious requests for access; or for requests where there is insufficient detail to identify the requestor [see below]. In determining the nature of the request we will consider such factors as the frequency with which information is updated, the purpose for which the information is used, the nature of the information and the format of the request.

Security of personal information

To guard against fraudulent requests for access, we will require sufficient information to allow us to confirm the identity of the individual making the request before granting access, correcting, deleting or making alterations to that individual’s data

Security Safeguards

We respect your data and have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure we have mitigated against such risks as loss or unauthorised access, destruction, use, modification or unauthorised disclosure of data.

Openness Principle

In some circumstances we may be unable to provide you with your personal data if it compromises the confidentiality of a third party; if this should be the case we will work with you to identify how to best resolve the situation. A list of active users will be maintained and made available to bona fide organisations or individuals who can demonstrate a genuine need for such information.

Removal of personal data

We reserve the right to delete inactive accounts, and to delete or bar accounts which in our judgement are guilty of misusing the system. Such misuse may include, but is not limited to, the placing of spam, viruses, obscene or objectionable matter on the website.

Direct communication

We may need to make direct contact with you for updates to services or to forward information which we consider relevant or of interest to you; normally this will be by e-mail. You will always be entitled to opt out of receiving a chosen communication by contacting us directly.


As we are constantly evolving, there may be the need from time to time to amend this policy. In the event of any such amendment an appropriate notice will be posted on the website.
If you have any comments or suggestions to improve the service or components of the service please write to us at

The regulator

Should you require further information regarding your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998, this may be obtained from:

The Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
- information line: +44 (0) 1625 545745
- fax number: +44 (0) 207 217 4160

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Contact details

Our Data Protection Reference is PZ7879547. All information held about any user of our system is available to that user, either in writing or directly from the user's account page.

Our address:Ascot Associates Ltd., PO BOX 1411, Slough, Berkshire, England. SL2 5FS
Telephone:01753 554656
Reg'd in England & Wales:2461482
Vat Registration Number:GB 584 6770 92

If you have any questions about the policies or practices of or wish to get in touch directly please contact:

     Steve Mullins,
     Ascot Associates Ltd,
     P.O. Box 1411,
     SL2 5FS


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